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The BreastRest

The BreastRest™ is more comfortable than a Bra.  The cotton lycra Comfort Support System is fully customizable to your body shape.   Designed as a solution to the discomforts of the traditional Bra, The BreastRest™ pillow-like support and revolutionary design, provides comfort and support that you and your breasts have been yearning for.

What Does It Do?

  • inspires healthy breasts
  • encourages good posture
  • prevents sweat under breasts
  • prevents wrinkles on the chest
  • encourages an optimal environment for lymph nodes
  • smooths impressions left by thin straps by using wide shoulder straps
  • no "Back Fat"
  • provides 24 hr unmatched comfort and support 

Who Is It For?

The BreastRest is for any woman seeking a comfortable alternative to the Traditional Bra.

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The BreastRest

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