Post Breast Surgery Bra

The BreastRest™ is an excellent post breast surgery bra to wear during recovery from post treatment or surgery to promote healing and comfort.  

The BreastRest™ is a cotton lycra comfort support system fully customizable to your body shape.   The BreastRests™ pillow-like support and revolutionary design, provides comfort, support and adjustability that can assist in recovery and promote well-being.

How can BreastRest™ benefit you while you heal and recover?

Post Surgery BraThe BreastRests™ revolutionary design has multiple clips and other attachments which allows for easy customizing to your body shape and comfort desire especially valued while healing.  The removable foam discreetly rests under the breasts providing lift and full support eliminating skin to skin contact and promoting air flow under the breasts prohibiting moisture.  2 sleep foams allow for the breasts to be supported while sleeping or laying in a resting position, again allowing for breasts to be cradled and supported so you can focus on healing.  The back portion provides full back coverage and shoulder support without added pressure and stress.  A V-Neck attachment allows for full support under the breasts without coverage, leaving your breast completely exposed promoting circulation and healing without restriction or friction.

The BreastRest's™ patented designs form around you and your breasts naturally.  Following any kind of surgical procedure or invasive treatments on a woman's body, comfort should be easy making healing the priority.  The BreastRest™ is a post breast surgery bra that can assist with this goal.

Procedures, surgeries and health issues, the BreastRest™ could help during recovery

Heart Surgery - to support breasts while incision heals, keep skin from pulling.
Rib Injury, Pneumonia - help to immobilize  ribs area while coughing.
Post Radiation -  allows for support under the breasts while exposing tissue and bandages if need to eliminate friction. 
Reconstructive Breast Surgery - could involve multiple surgeries to prepare tissue for reconstructing.  Comfort is a must for healing ease.
Breast Reduction or Enhancement -  offers extra comfort and support while healing.
Upper Body or any type of injury- that may leave you immobile.

The BreastRest™ is a post breast surgery bra that will provide the comfort and secure fit to allow the focus to be on healing.  It is the best post breast surgery bra to help you deal with your recovery, treat yourself to The BreastRest™, you deserve it!
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