Pregnant Women Bras

As a first timer or if you have been down the prenatal road before, one thing we know for sure as women is that it’s all new.  No two pregnancies are the same.  No two women are the same.  No two breasts are the same.  And even though every woman who has experienced pregnancy and giving birth feels the need to tell you what to expect physically, your experience will never be what they have experienced and shared.  Just think of the book.  “What to Expect When you are expecting".  Endless pregnancy information. 

Pregnant women brasWhat women will have in common and will seek during this unknown time is comfort.  In the middle of this mysterious, indefinite time, women will want to be comfortable physically because creating a being is a lot of hard work and emotion. Women shouldn't have to physically suffer as well.

BreastRest™ is designed to be the best when it comes to pregnant women bras.  It is a cotton lycra Comfort Support System fully customizable to your body shape.   The Belly band that secures the garment in place allowing it to be worn for long periods of time without adjusting, was actually designed for pregnant bellies in mind.  The band is shaped concave to contour around the stomach allowing for expansion over time.  No more physically suffering, the BreastRest™ has got you covered.

One of the first signs of Pregnancy is the discomfort in the Breasts.  The sensitivity, heaviness and soreness cannot be ignored on the best of days.  The BreastRest's™ unique design with removable foams, provides comfort for your breasts by mimicking "little recliner chairs" to cushion and soothe the condition.  It’s patented design forms around you and your breasts naturally preventing restriction and encouraging circulation which can bring comfort when breasts are sore.

BreastRest's™ design has multiple clips and other attachments which allows for customizing to your body shape and comfort desire.  The back portion provides full back coverage and shoulder support while preventing back fat and unsightly indents on the shoulder.  The wider straps, also minimizes shoulder stress and pain from heavy breasts.  The BreastRest™ can be your “Breast Friend” during your prenatal experience.

Having a baby is hard enough, treat yourself to the comfort of the best when it comes to pregnant women bras, The BreastRest™, you deserve it!

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