Our Founders Inspirational Journey

Founder of The BreastRest

Early breast development led Jody to be embarrassed and self-conscious of her breasts. Her first bras concealed and buried her breasts until she became a young lady in her late teens. Lace and wire pushed her to exposure in her early 20’s. Tenderness, engorged and painful breasts continued through motherhood while she fed and nurtured her son with them.  That maternal experience engaged her into the connection of mind, body and spirit.  Jody was 37 when she thought of the BreastRest. It was a contraption she built quickly and 2 days later woke up with the name.  She decided then to continue to follow the signs, listen within and shift forward with a purpose.
Two years into the BreastRest business, Jody became pregnant with her baby girl.  At the same time her mother in law of twenty years was losing her life to cancer.  Jody decided to put the business on hold and focus on nurturing and caring for herself, the baby inside and her mother-in-law who was passing to the spirit world.  During this time, it was all about the feminine in her life.  Jody used the BreastRest for herself, experiencing the value of the garment while transforming through these changes during pregnancy and the birth of her daughter.  Maci’s arrival brought forward the love and respect that Jody had buried inside thought out her life.  She wanted to be the best example of divine love for self and for Maci, to do this she had to rebirth the BreastRest.   “My breasts fed and nurtured my children into healthy beings. I needed to care for, consider and cherish my breasts more.  We hug the world with them and it’s where the seat of our emotions lye.  It is my endeavour to empower and awaken the wisdom and self-compassion in women.  To encourage sisters to return to their wholeness where self-love is the most important quality will be the main transformation offered by the BreastRest and myself.”  

Words from our Founder - The Making of the BreastRest

It was an idea made from vanity. Reading in bed one evening I noticed I had wrinkles on my décolleté (chest) and it was the inquisitive side of me that thought “how did they get there”.  I pushed my breasts together and there they were the wrinkles.  So while I hugged and revived my body with sleep, I developed wrinkles.  How unfair!  To immediately solve this problem I quickly grabbed opaque tights from my bed side table.  I rolled tea towels tight and fed them into the legs.  I tied a knot and made a tubular shaped circle with the legs.  With the gusset around my back, each arm went through the holes and the tubular shapes wrapped around my shoulders and breasts.  I grabbed a shoe lace that yes, was in my side table as well, and tied the tubes together between my breasts.  I sat just staring and touching my breasts for a few minutes.  I was actually comfortable.  Just then, my husband walked by and on his second glance said “what is that?”  I said “I don’t know but it is comfortable”.  Twenty minutes later he returned saying he couldn’t get the visual out of his mind.  Who would have thought my husband would find this sexy.  Or was it the fact that I was touching myself in comfort and confidence enough to wear something like this to bed with my breasts exposed. I had to pinch him, he wasn’t dreaming.

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