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The Invention

Jody Harbour - Tuesday, October 06, 2020

People that know me would tell you that I tell it like it is, I don't pull any punches.  My journey inventing the BreastRest has been full of highs and lows, but it's always been entertaining and I thought I'd share some of that with you all.

The Invention

I was 38 when I invented the BreastRest. I rolled tea towels and put them into the legs of pantyhose and wrapped them around my back and breasts.  I “macgyvered” a contraption that I would wear to bed every night, looking for a solution to stop wrinkles from developing in my cleavage.  It has been over 10 years since I first wore that contraption to bed, and it led to the design of a product that has meant so much to so many people.  it has evolved into a product that now solves so many other issues and is worn day and night.  Yet the most important things I have developed by inventing the BreastRest is the love for my breasts, the understanding of women’s health and my passion for connecting to my intuition.

What excites me about the BreastRest community we have built is I get to share with everyone the knowledge I have acquired on my journey to healthy breasts, a happy life and fulfilling dreams.  My horoscope from 2008, the year I thought of the idea included “Necessity is the mother of all invention”, “Toying with an idea that seems radical, even silly”.  No question, compared to traditional bras, the BreastRest is radical.  But the mainstream bra has needed a radical change, a change that is driven by women, for many years.  Women have been looking and saying there needs to be something more for the comfort of their breasts.  The BreastRest is more.  It’s a solution to an old problem.

What The Hell Is That?!

I noticed wrinkles on my chest that morning and then again that night while I was laying in bed reading. I pushed my breasts together and the wrinkles got deeper. I got wrinkles while I slept? WTH? I had to fix that problem in that moment. I rolled the towels and put them in the legs of the pantyhose, wrapped them around my breasts and tried it out. Flipping from side to side and on my stomach, it kept my breasts from squishing and it prevented the skin from creping.

I continued reading and my husband walked by the bedroom and noticed the exposure. He took a double take and asked, “what the hell is that”? Twenty minutes later, he returned and said, “they make my buddies look so good and accessible”. The pantyhose and tea towels turned my husband on because my breasts were exposed, cradled and free!  Then again, I think its pretty easy to arouse men when it comes to breasts. Most men love breasts more than the women love their own.

The Journey

The excitement didn’t wear off for my husband over the weeks that followed, he began to look forward to me putting on the contraption. However, it wasn’t the most comfortable for me, and some mornings I would wake up and find it launched across the room. I immediately began thinking of material options that would feel better against my skin.  My husband and I owned a clothing company together and we worked side by side in the textile industry for more than a decade.  This giving me great insight and connections for how to create a garment, what materials to use and everything else involved in the creation of the BreastRest.  It took me a couple of years and a lot of courage to leave my husbands dream of a family business. I finally had my own purpose and it was good for our family and the independence was good for me.

The Underground - Where Women Voice Their Issues

After developing my initial prototype I would put my son to bed and sit on the computer for hours through the night and sometimes to the early morning all while wearing this device.  I read forums and blogs about breast issues that women had while pregnant or nursing or with cancer.  Women would talk about their discomfort with their large breasts, of ill-fitting bras and their suffering of tenderness.   Discussions were about everything from skin tags and irritations and health and confidence issues that had me in tears most nights.  There were hundreds of communities of women supporting each other talking about breast health and looking for solutions to their problems.  I began to think the BreastRest could be their solution.

My husband and I started a company together when I was 21 before we were married.  His dream was to own a company and be a millionaire by the time he was 30.   Although I had a lot of knowledge from this experience, I didn’t know anything about design and manufacturing undergarments.  Quite honestly, I wasn’t sure I wanted to venture back into the competitive industry that was stressful and demanding on our relationship.  However, my inquisitive nature compelled me to look for an expert and I found a “Bra Maker” very close to town.  I contacted her, showed her my creation and she said “how did you think of this? This is 1,500 years in the making”.  She recommended I get a patent. 

Sparking The Fire

She helped me make my first proto type. As I watched her sew it and assemble it, the ideas began to flow.  What if this was more than a sleep garment?  What if I could wear it all day?  What if I could wear this instead of a Bra?  What if it could have attachments that make it interchangeable.  Something that could be customizable to support breasts while sleeping, healing, resting, exercising and even for everyday wear.  Most importantly, what if it was comfortable and gave breasts a rest and women a rest from bras.  It could be a bra alternative.

It sparked a fire inside of me that has been burning ever since.

I began researching products for breasts and bra alternatives, I didn’t find any that were like my idea.  But what I did find were the communities of women looking for solutions to their breast issues.  I admit, I got uncomfortable because I realized, I was disconnected to my own breasts and didn’t consider these issues existed even though I had them myself.  The BreastRest wasn’t only about wrinkles, it was about the health of our breasts and I had to bring this product into fruition to make up for the lack of love and attention that our breasts receive.

We feed the world with our breasts.

They are organs outside of our body.

They protect our heart and our lungs.

We store our emotions in our breasts.  The more I researched and built this product, I realized I never understood the value, purpose and necessity of good breast health and how that could happen.


There was this whole underground of women's health that I was tapping into and learning how to live with this great value all by wanting to prevent wrinkles.  Vanity was the channel to get to the bigger purpose.  Women only know bras. Bras that were invented by a man 100 plus years ago.


100 years is long enough. Time to move on, change and update with the times. The time for new technology and caring for yourself first is long overdue.

Why a BreastRest

Jody Harbour - Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The #1 comment our customers have had in common is....

"Why didn't I get a BreastRest earlier. It really is the most comfortable alternative".

When asked why they think or say this, the top 7 common responses have been,

1. Fear.
2. Cost.
3. Unsure.
4. Not enough information/content/video/descriptions.
5. Seems complicated.
6. Unfamiliar.
7. Overwhelming.

These are all legit answers.

So I will share my responses to the above and would like you to ask any question that you believe may be keeping you from purchasing a BreastRest.

1. "Fear" shows up in so many ways, especially when it comes to ourselves. Trying something new when we only know one thing is challenging for many. it took me, the inventor of BR some time to commit to wearing the BreastRest as my "Everyday Bra". Now I wear it 99% of the time.

2. "Cost" much like fear, it is easy to make an excuse for. Many find it difficult to spend money on themselves. If they don't know it, and haven't experienced it than do they really need it? 
Women have lived with the discomforts of the traditional bra for a long time. So why spend the money on it? IS comfortable and sexy no matter what size.

3. "Unsure" you don't know what you don't know. But what I do know is i wouldn't waist the time and effort in creating and designing a business selling something that doesn't work and isn't great quality.

4. "Not enough information available" Ok I admit it. I have sucked in the past at keeping up on social media and learning the back end of my wedsite for content etc. I just didn't have the time or finances to invest in this area of my business. Life happens and when it comes to my was happening full tilt. However, I am happy to say, approximately 500 plus new visitors make it to the BreastRest site organically. So why are they not buying....Be ready to watch for it we will figure this out together.

5 "Seems Complicated" of course it is, I invented something that makes complete sense when you become familiar with it. Hey! Pretty much, nothing in life that is good for us is easy and if i can do it, you can. J

6 "Unfamiliar" I guess all of the above can apply to being unfamiliar and once again, you don't know what you don't know. I love going to those unfamiliar places and creating new experiences.

7 "Overwhelming" I used to feel overwhelmed. I learned how to breathe properly,balanced and stay positive no matter what, now believe everything comes at the right time. I know it sounds crazy, but I am crazy, so it seems right!

There have been so many elements to the growth of the BreastRest Business and product since the beginning. However, there were more opportunities for my personal growth, my families well-being, as well as time to test market and learn more about the product and really how it benefits the women of the world.

Now I share this pledge to my existing customers and the ones to come.

"I promise to provide the best quality. I promise to always support the well-being of my customers. I promise to continue to ask my customers what they need from the BreastRest. Relationship building has always been a large percentage of the foundational beliefs of the company, so I vow to always have open communication between the customer and BreastRest. I promise to get my ass moving on the back end of the site and create more content videos and get information to you.

So lets get it started. please share your questions and comments that are keeping you from ordering your BreastRest and lets make your girls sexy comfortable.


Ladies that Need Comfort

Jody Harbour - Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Ladies that Need Comfort,

An amazing share from one of our BreastRest customers. Her journey with the product began like several others have in the past. Heather emailed me to express her frustration in learning how to assemble it. When we spoke Heather mentioned it seemed too snug and she wasn't sure it was the right size and the halter doesn't support her Full Cup Breasts. After a short phone conversation, Heather felt more supported in understanding how to fit and transition into a new way to support her breasts. Here is her message a day after speaking with her.

"Hey Jody, guess what. I've had it on all day & I can't imagine taking it off tonite, even though I know I'll have to, can't wear it 24/7 even though I want to. Still a challenge getting it on, can't seem to get the boobs out of the way to see the hooks but that will come with time. Thanks for thinking of all us ladies that need comfort, you sure did it. Love you"

My first time meeting Heather was the phone conversation with her to work through the new experience. For her to say she loved me in this message made me tear up! It reminded me that it is my mission to empower women to find another solution to the discomfort of the traditional bra and to experience comfort with support.

Things that are good for us usually take time to learn, for example eating well, exercise habits and other healthy routines. What about new technology? We will take days and even weeks learning how to use our new smart phones to personalize it. Why the resistance to something that makes us comfortable? I guess because all we have ever known is the BRA.

I continue to find solutions to helping women break through the initial experience of something new and thinking differently. I am confident the BreastRest will develop tools to get to the place where each customer understands the construction quite simply. Until then, I will continue to engage and meet my customers one at a time, creating relationships that will add to the depth of the BreastRests purpose.

Plan on seeing more from the BreastRest. Together with our customers, BreastRest will continue to evolve into the brand that women will trust to make themselves and their boobies comfortable.


Heart hugs to Heather!

Loving your breasts,


Healthy Breasts

Jody Harbour - Wednesday, February 22, 2017

I first studied Essential Oils while in School for Hair Design & Esthetics in 2004.  It was an introductory course offered within my Esthetics program.  On the completion of it I had no idea the impact it would add to my health and well-being in the future.  The course was short and packed with years of information.  I ended up with a basic understanding of Essential Oils, herbal remedies and modern day application of aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy is nature’s way, medicines out of the earth.  The ones I have in my well-being cabinet at home are all purchased from a suitable supplier.  I am never without Lavender.  It is a delightful natural antibiotic, antiseptic antidepressant, sedative which promotes healing and prevents scaring.  Tea Tree is an antiseptic, anti-fungal and antiviral, useful for a wide range of conditions. Peppermint for digestive, Chamomile for its anti-inflammatory properties, Eucalyptus for coughs and colds, and one of my favorite aromas, Geranium, which works profoundly on emotions.  Rosemary is both a physical and mental stimulant, Thyme, there are many types and should be used with great care.  Lemon, Cloves, Oregano and Grapefruit are used regularly around my home.  The oils can be used as compresses, steam inhalations, baths, massage oils, perfumes, air diffusers and cooking.  If you are new to all of this, do your research before lighting anything on fire, adding to appliances or applying directly on your skin or orally. 

The reason for this blog, is I recently began using an oil that I believe EVERY WOMAN should have.  “Healthy Girls” Breast Oil created by Joyce Sobotta.  Motivated by her sister’s struggle with breast cancer, Joyce researched which essential oils would be most beneficial to nurture and protect breast health.  Coupled with a loving lymphatic breast self-massage, she has designed a program that every woman could easily implement in their healthy breast lifestyle.  With a Bachelor of Science degree in Education and certifications in Holistic Aromatherapy and Reflexology, her purpose, much like mine, is to educate woman. 

As nurturer’s, women need to take the best care of themselves.  You know, like the airplane rule, “Put the mask on yourself, before the child”.  This applies to everyday life.  Women should be “aware of their bodies by accepting, loving and appreciating their beauty”, as Joyce puts it.  The self-massage and Lady Lymph pamphlet I copied is a must for every woman to know and apply to themselves.  Or if you are lucky enough to have a partner to do it, enjoy. 

Joyce reached out to me after finding the BreastRest™ on line.  She read that both of our products had the same message and so we began our collaboration.  I have been doing breast massage and dry brushing of my body and breasts for over 10 years.  It never gets old and is an important part of my health and well-ness routine.  What I was missing in my sequence however, was a finishing oil!  I would just use coconut or another oil for my massage and not even consider aromatherapy.  Joyce has changed my world!  Her “Healthy Girls” Breast Oil blend is so beautiful and that’s how it makes me feel when I am massaging and caressing it into my breasts.  Thank-you Joyce for finding me.  After 4 weeks of use, it has been easily implemented in my breast loving routine and I look forward to the bouquet and essence it exudes. 

Most Comfortable Bra

Jody Harbour - Monday, December 05, 2016

We are always on the look-out for the most comfortable bra.  Is it fair to say we can compare comfortable shoes to a comfortable bra?  To be honest, I am constantly looking for fun shoes that are comfortable, that is more important to me than finding a comfortable bra that looks good, let me explain.  Shoes are always visible and your feet walk you through life.  They can make or break an outfit.  Ever purchase what you think are the most comfortable and lets throw in sexy shoes ever for a special event only to wear them for an hour or so and you instantly become irritated because of the pain points they are triggering in your feet?  The shoes come off under the table and you have already anticipated this to happen so you replace them with the flats you have stored in your purse.    

But what about when you purchase that perfect comfortable, sexy bra for an occasion to wear with the perfect blouse or dress?  It can be great for the first few hours but similar things begin to happen as with your shoes.  You begin to pop out of the front and get bum boob or your breasts begin to sweat under and possibly between.  What about the underwire digging into your tissue under your armpit or the shoulder straps digging in?  What is acceptable to do?  Did you bring another in your purse?  Can you take it off without anyone noticing the change? 


Write your caption here

In my experience, the above is a common problem we could face with almost any clothing or accessories we purchase. There are millions even billions of different body shapes.  How many bras or shoes fit you perfectly?  And unless you have time to wear whatever you are purchasing long enough in the change room or the store to feel the effects it will have on your body, every time we take a chance.  So what are we willing to sacrifice?  As I age I realize comfort is not something I will forgo.  As women, we have adapted to the bra that was invented over 100 years ago they say by a man.  So when I constructed the BreastRest™, I had complete comfort in mind along with all of the discomforts of the traditional bra.  It’s nice to see people are finding us by searching for the most comfortable bra.  Watch what these men had to say when they chose to wear a bra for a week.  Do they even believe there could be a most comfortable bra?

Men Wearing Bras

“Lingerie is not about seducing men. It’s about embracing womenhood” Dita Von Teese

Most Comfortable Bra for Large Breasts

Jody Harbour - Friday, October 14, 2016

Most Comfortable Bra for Large Breasts

An exciting part of selling the BreastRest has been the delight women express when they discover we have the most comfortable bra for large breasts available for them.  Over the last few years while participating in tradeshows and events, we have gathered experiences and expressions from women who have tested the BreastRest.  When women walk by our displays at tradeshows and see our tag line “make yourself comfortable” a large number of initial reaction is, “if it will support my breasts and is comfortable, I will try it”, and their journey begins. 

The most fun for us when we are fitting women is their response to our process.  We begin by asking the size of the bra they are currently wearing and before we know it, they are starting to take off their clothes eagerly wanting to put the BreastRest on.  However, because the BreastRest is customizable to the individuals’ body shape, with significant adjustability and additional add-ons, we like to explain the possibilities.  Never the less, the customer rushes us through and requests us to get it on them insisting they will figure out the assembly at home. 

Once the BreastRest™ is on their body, the thrill begins.  Usually they begin by caressing their breasts and areas of their body where they would normally find discomfort from their traditional bra.  While looking in the mirror some would say “my breasts look so natural”, “I do feel comfortable”, “I feel like I am wearing nothing at all”.  The conversation may continue with questions of disbelief that this truly is the most comfortable bra for large breasts that they have tried.  “How did you come up with this”, is usually the first inquiry.  The second is a statement, “it just makes sense”.  It’s a pillow under your breasts instead of an underwire and then we explain the construction.  Most women leave the fitting room with the BreastRest™ on their bodies and their bra in our complimentary washing bag.

There has been a lot of research and development through the designing of the BreastRest™.  From the durable fabric and the positioning of the fasteners, we believe it has been constructed with the comfort needs of women in mind and based on the current discomforts of the conventional bras.  A product intended to provide comfort while supporting our breasts is a necessity and we know that necessity is the mother of all invention.  The BreastRest™ is the invention that is the most comfortable bra for large breasts.  Bottom line is Women with big boobs deserve better bras

No Underwire Bra

Jody Harbour - Tuesday, October 04, 2016
Is it possible, a no underwire bra? If there is no underwire is there is no support? Why the underwire and what does an underwire do? The underwire gives shape to the bra. It shapes the breast, contours to the body and adds lift. What else does it do? I enjoyed reading this blog by the Bra Doctor’s Blog, The Mystery of Underwire 

Yes there are bras designed as mentioned in the above article without an underwire. The author explains that a no underwire bra is equipped with a supportive elasticated band around the torso and has seams stitched internally to provide shape and support comparable to that of an underwire bra. There is a lot involved in designing bras and a great deal of factors to consider when constructing it to support breasts. What about the rest of the body while the breasts are being supported? 

The explanation of a bra is that it is an undergarment worn by women to support the breasts. Support is the main feature, but what else does a bra do while supporting the breasts? Does it encourage back support? I guess that depends on where the strap around the torso sits and will it creep up the back after wear. What about back fat? Even on the smallest women the straps for the back of a bra create back fat and extra bra over-hang. What about the shoulders? Does it relieve stress on the top of the shoulders or does it create more? Shouldn’t the support from the bottom prevent stress on the shoulders and if it does why do we get indents on the top of our shoulders. Shouldn’t the underwire or the supportive elastic around the torso keep the breasts from touching the skin below our breasts? If our breasts at all have skin on skin contact it promotes sweating, even skin irritations like rashes and yeast infections as well as skin tags that are caused by the friction of skin on skin contact. Even with an underwire, or a no underwire bra, skin on skin contact is inevitable.

All of the above are real issues that are attached to wearing a bra to support our breasts. But what if we thought about comfort first? What if instead of a no underwire bra there was a bra with a pillow? That’s right a detachable pillow that gives full support that is positioned under the breast to allow the breasts to rest. It doesn’t restrict or confine. It doesn’t contour against the body but allows for air flow and encourages circulation all while allowing the breasts to be lifted in a comfortable way. Because our breasts are soft tissue, its like the pillow becomes a part of the breast. It just makes sense. The BreastRest™ technology includes a tubular pillow to rest your breasts, I would say it’s a no underwire bra.

Bras, Blogs and the Beach

Jody Harbour - Thursday, August 25, 2016
I have a list, “Best Bra for large Breasts, Bra Without Underwire, Plus size Nursing Bras and Bra Alternative”, to name a few.  I have over 100 of these “keywords” to blog/talk about.  I have to discuss advantages and pain points of these topics.  I must share my opinion and experiences to attract people and keep them interested with the idea that at some point they may want to purchase my product.  It’s a form of Marketing and is a must for a business like the BreastRest™.   At the end of the day, it’s about publishing awesome content and then promoting my content.  Sounds easy huh?  Well let me tell you, it hasn’t been that easy for me.

I invented a product that changes the way women care for their breasts and it is my responsibility to get this product to as many women as possible to benefit them.  Not because it is a business and I have to sell as many as possible, but because it is a necessity for women.  It’s a necessity for women who are looking for solutions to the discomforts of the traditional bra.  Women who are looking for a specific product to help them with the issues they have being comfortable with their breasts.  “Necessity is the mother of all invention” was one of the first messages I received after I thought of the BreastRest™.   Actually four days after I put the tea towels in the legs of the pantyhose and wore the contraption to bed, I read my horoscope in the Canadian “HELLO” magazine and it began with “Necessity is the Mother of all invention…the idea you have may seem crazy but if you act on it, it will prove to be beneficial ...”, and so I did.

From the beginning of this project in 2007 till now, I have learned so much.  I have become educated and engrossed in women’s health and wellness, ecommerce business and marketing and most importantly captivated with the evolution of me.  It has taken me up until this day to understand and plan how I will discuss the 100 keywords, advantages and pain points of these topics provided to me by my SEO team.  I have composed a plan in my mind and a blue print on paper, however, what I have contracted with myself is it all must be organic, spontaneous and natural.  I must continue to treat the BreastRest™ like a business yet blog and create content that honours my beliefs.  This stands the evolution of me and I look forward to producing topics and issues and conversations that fulfill my hearts desires while captivating my readers.  I plan to story tell, share experiences and educate.  I am confident enough now to share with others the fire inside of me that has led me here to build a bridge that will speak of our similarities.   
In love and excitement  for you to get to know me.

The Dragons Den 2016

Jody Harbour - Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Right when I walked up to the producers at the table during the drop in Audition in February 2015 at the CBC station in Toronto, the two ladies recognized me.  “We remember you” they said, “whats been happening with your company”.

I didn’t plan for any of this, much like the first visit in 2008.  I was just following the flow of where to go and what next for excitement with no real plan of what I was to say.  It’s not like me to fabricate where my company is or what was happening with me so I “wung it” Jody style.  The women were surprised when I told them I didn’t have a lot in sales.  But that didn’t stop them from immediately inviting me to the second chance show.  Saying, “You were great last time”.

I never thought I was “great” back then nor did I think I was “good TV’, I just knew I had a great product. It was a comfortable bra for large breasts, a bra without underwire and a plus size nursing bra to name a few uses.  The purpose of the product, the BreastRest is exactly that, to rest your breasts and yourself, and I wanted the world to see it for what it had developed into.

I planned to have a party the evening of the premiere Jan 6, 2016, like I did when I had my first appearance on the Dragons Den in season 4.  It was a packed house, with 100 or so of my friends and family.  They all had no idea that I hadn’t received the deal.  It’s amazing how perception is.  They assumed because I was having a party I had “won”.  In fact, I really just wanted to have the support there for me when I watched the show for the first time.  I am really glad I did that.  No one allowed me to be anywhere but there and happy.

I wasn’t surprised at what CBC chose to expose.  Their editing in my option was the best they could get from what was filmed.  Now this is where I have to be conscious of what I say and how I say it.  You see, this product, the BreastRest has taken me on this pilgrimage, and has transformed me and how I think.  It has opened me up to connecting to spirit and following my heart to fulfill my dreams while connecting to my ancestry, my culture of First Nations and most importantly to myself.  I do not want to slander or say anything that may come across negative about the Dragons.  They were just being themselves and that is their journey not for me to judge.  Umm did everyone forget to tell me it was reality TV??

So before I went to the filming I invested in a coach, Jenna Smith, who prepared me to be the best Jody in front of the Dragons.  I was ready to be my true authentic self, vulnerable, open and full of love ready to share my product with the world.  The producers were super excited to have me there because in the past my passion for my product could possibly take over and I lose control and they were going to feed off of that at any expense.

Now is a good time for you to watch the video if you haven’t already, because this is where my interpretation comes in and I don’t want you to watch it with my influence.   –link-   You see, no matter how The Dragons perceived my product to be, or how I came across to them, my product and was not going to be explained or shown the way that would give it integrity.  I am very appreciative the producers showed very minimal of the BreastRest product which to me meant CBC knows the value of the BreastRest.

As I stated above, I was impressed with what the CBC producers came up with after the editing.  My experience with the Dragons was very menacing to many but abusive and offensive to me and the producers knew I could handle it.  Eight years ago, before my BreastRest journey, my defensive nature may have had me waiting back stage telling the producers off or even carrying on with the Dragon who continued to try and offend and upset me.  Now don’t get me wrong, I was pissed off for a couple of days while contemplating the outcome, but I had to sit with the experience and know it was for a greater cause all the while receiving hate mail that read they “wanted to choke me to shut me up”, and “you are the worst business women ever”.

There is that saying “energy flows where energy goes”.  After a couple of days of reflection and non-engagement of the hate mail, it all went away and what stepped in was the purpose of the whole event.  Although, I still really have no idea of why it turned out the way it did by exposing the lack of support the women Dragons didn’t offer knowing full well how it supports and inspires great health for women.  It regrettably revealed the lack of support women in our society have for one another.  The ego got in the way of the purpose and the purpose shifted from something healing to something that needs to be healed.

I am patiently waiting for the purpose of the show to still be divulged.  Until then, I will continue to sell the BreastRest as a plus size nursing bra, a bra for plus size women, a maternity sleep bra and even a post breast surgery bra.  I will continue to listen to the voices of the women who have feedback for the design and anything that will better the product because the purpose of the BreastRest is to empower, inspire and transform women to take better care of themselves.  Well heck, maybe the purpose was for me to see I don’t need the Dragons.  I just need women who need bras for plus size women and women who need the best bra for large breasts and women who just want the most comfortable bra.

Best Bras For Large Breasts

Jody Harbour - Wednesday, March 30, 2016

While searching for other products women considered to be the best bras for large breasts, I came across an article in Cosmo, 

“21 Problems Only Women With Big Boobs Understand” 

Here are a few of the points the author mentioned,
1. you have to wear more than one sports bra if you are going to attempt to work out.
2. Everyday exercises are basically not possible.
3. You can’t wear button down shirts.
4. It’s impossible to find cute bras that fit.

I love reading the conversations that transpire from the articles in Cosmo.  This magazine encourages authentic discussion and real life experiences; especially on topics women are passionate to find solutions for.  I like to think that where there are problems, there are solutions so I like to read what others come up with.  As well I endeavor dropping the BreastRest™ name wherever I can.

The article examples that Elisa Benson used were quite familiar to me and probably common among many women with large breasts.  However, I think, like most things in life, these experiences are all individual perceptions.  Some women may be more conscious of how their bodies feel in their clothing and some women are about how they think they look in their clothing.  Either way it is all relevant to the individual.  I continued to read more than 20 articles including; 

“Everything you need to know about breasts”.    

“The Best Things About Free-Boobing” – What life is like without wearing a bra.

“The Curious Case of My Disappearing Boobs” – When our breasts change size midlife.

“10 Things you Should Never Say to Someone with Large Boobs” – Just Rude comments really!

Again, in reading these articles, it really is ones perception on what breasts signify to the individual.  While researching what women consider being the best bra for large breasts, it was revealed to me a whole avenue available to educate women on the possibilities of how to interpret their breasts.  I am realizing that there is endless possibility to blogging about breasts.

Jody Harbour is the inventor of the BreastRest™, a revolutionary product that designed to provide a more comfortable alternative to traditional bras.  The BreastRest™ provides superior comfort as well as health benefits for all women.  You can contact Jody at jody[at]thebreastrest[dot]com or visit

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