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Best Bras For Large Breasts

Jody Harbour - Wednesday, March 30, 2016

While searching for other products women considered to be the best bras for large breasts, I came across an article in Cosmo, 

“21 Problems Only Women With Big Boobs Understand” 

Here are a few of the points the author mentioned,
1. you have to wear more than one sports bra if you are going to attempt to work out.
2. Everyday exercises are basically not possible.
3. You can’t wear button down shirts.
4. It’s impossible to find cute bras that fit.

I love reading the conversations that transpire from the articles in Cosmo.  This magazine encourages authentic discussion and real life experiences; especially on topics women are passionate to find solutions for.  I like to think that where there are problems, there are solutions so I like to read what others come up with.  As well I endeavor dropping the BreastRest™ name wherever I can.

The article examples that Elisa Benson used were quite familiar to me and probably common among many women with large breasts.  However, I think, like most things in life, these experiences are all individual perceptions.  Some women may be more conscious of how their bodies feel in their clothing and some women are about how they think they look in their clothing.  Either way it is all relevant to the individual.  I continued to read more than 20 articles including; 

“Everything you need to know about breasts”.    

“The Best Things About Free-Boobing” – What life is like without wearing a bra.

“The Curious Case of My Disappearing Boobs” – When our breasts change size midlife.

“10 Things you Should Never Say to Someone with Large Boobs” – Just Rude comments really!

Again, in reading these articles, it really is ones perception on what breasts signify to the individual.  While researching what women consider being the best bra for large breasts, it was revealed to me a whole avenue available to educate women on the possibilities of how to interpret their breasts.  I am realizing that there is endless possibility to blogging about breasts.

Jody Harbour is the inventor of the BreastRest™, a revolutionary product that designed to provide a more comfortable alternative to traditional bras.  The BreastRest™ provides superior comfort as well as health benefits for all women.  You can contact Jody at jody[at]thebreastrest[dot]com or visit

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