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Jody Harbour - Thursday, August 25, 2016
I have a list, “Best Bra for large Breasts, Bra Without Underwire, Plus size Nursing Bras and Bra Alternative”, to name a few.  I have over 100 of these “keywords” to blog/talk about.  I have to discuss advantages and pain points of these topics.  I must share my opinion and experiences to attract people and keep them interested with the idea that at some point they may want to purchase my product.  It’s a form of Marketing and is a must for a business like the BreastRest™.   At the end of the day, it’s about publishing awesome content and then promoting my content.  Sounds easy huh?  Well let me tell you, it hasn’t been that easy for me.

I invented a product that changes the way women care for their breasts and it is my responsibility to get this product to as many women as possible to benefit them.  Not because it is a business and I have to sell as many as possible, but because it is a necessity for women.  It’s a necessity for women who are looking for solutions to the discomforts of the traditional bra.  Women who are looking for a specific product to help them with the issues they have being comfortable with their breasts.  “Necessity is the mother of all invention” was one of the first messages I received after I thought of the BreastRest™.   Actually four days after I put the tea towels in the legs of the pantyhose and wore the contraption to bed, I read my horoscope in the Canadian “HELLO” magazine and it began with “Necessity is the Mother of all invention…the idea you have may seem crazy but if you act on it, it will prove to be beneficial ...”, and so I did.

From the beginning of this project in 2007 till now, I have learned so much.  I have become educated and engrossed in women’s health and wellness, ecommerce business and marketing and most importantly captivated with the evolution of me.  It has taken me up until this day to understand and plan how I will discuss the 100 keywords, advantages and pain points of these topics provided to me by my SEO team.  I have composed a plan in my mind and a blue print on paper, however, what I have contracted with myself is it all must be organic, spontaneous and natural.  I must continue to treat the BreastRest™ like a business yet blog and create content that honours my beliefs.  This stands the evolution of me and I look forward to producing topics and issues and conversations that fulfill my hearts desires while captivating my readers.  I plan to story tell, share experiences and educate.  I am confident enough now to share with others the fire inside of me that has led me here to build a bridge that will speak of our similarities.   
In love and excitement  for you to get to know me.
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