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The Invention

Jody Harbour - Tuesday, October 06, 2020

People that know me would tell you that I tell it like it is, I don't pull any punches.  My journey inventing the BreastRest has been full of highs and lows, but it's always been entertaining and I thought I'd share some of that with you all.

The Invention

I was 38 when I invented the BreastRest. I rolled tea towels and put them into the legs of pantyhose and wrapped them around my back and breasts.  I “macgyvered” a contraption that I would wear to bed every night, looking for a solution to stop wrinkles from developing in my cleavage.  It has been over 10 years since I first wore that contraption to bed, and it led to the design of a product that has meant so much to so many people.  it has evolved into a product that now solves so many other issues and is worn day and night.  Yet the most important things I have developed by inventing the BreastRest is the love for my breasts, the understanding of women’s health and my passion for connecting to my intuition.

What excites me about the BreastRest community we have built is I get to share with everyone the knowledge I have acquired on my journey to healthy breasts, a happy life and fulfilling dreams.  My horoscope from 2008, the year I thought of the idea included “Necessity is the mother of all invention”, “Toying with an idea that seems radical, even silly”.  No question, compared to traditional bras, the BreastRest is radical.  But the mainstream bra has needed a radical change, a change that is driven by women, for many years.  Women have been looking and saying there needs to be something more for the comfort of their breasts.  The BreastRest is more.  It’s a solution to an old problem.

What The Hell Is That?!

I noticed wrinkles on my chest that morning and then again that night while I was laying in bed reading. I pushed my breasts together and the wrinkles got deeper. I got wrinkles while I slept? WTH? I had to fix that problem in that moment. I rolled the towels and put them in the legs of the pantyhose, wrapped them around my breasts and tried it out. Flipping from side to side and on my stomach, it kept my breasts from squishing and it prevented the skin from creping.

I continued reading and my husband walked by the bedroom and noticed the exposure. He took a double take and asked, “what the hell is that”? Twenty minutes later, he returned and said, “they make my buddies look so good and accessible”. The pantyhose and tea towels turned my husband on because my breasts were exposed, cradled and free!  Then again, I think its pretty easy to arouse men when it comes to breasts. Most men love breasts more than the women love their own.

The Journey

The excitement didn’t wear off for my husband over the weeks that followed, he began to look forward to me putting on the contraption. However, it wasn’t the most comfortable for me, and some mornings I would wake up and find it launched across the room. I immediately began thinking of material options that would feel better against my skin.  My husband and I owned a clothing company together and we worked side by side in the textile industry for more than a decade.  This giving me great insight and connections for how to create a garment, what materials to use and everything else involved in the creation of the BreastRest.  It took me a couple of years and a lot of courage to leave my husbands dream of a family business. I finally had my own purpose and it was good for our family and the independence was good for me.

The Underground - Where Women Voice Their Issues

After developing my initial prototype I would put my son to bed and sit on the computer for hours through the night and sometimes to the early morning all while wearing this device.  I read forums and blogs about breast issues that women had while pregnant or nursing or with cancer.  Women would talk about their discomfort with their large breasts, of ill-fitting bras and their suffering of tenderness.   Discussions were about everything from skin tags and irritations and health and confidence issues that had me in tears most nights.  There were hundreds of communities of women supporting each other talking about breast health and looking for solutions to their problems.  I began to think the BreastRest could be their solution.

My husband and I started a company together when I was 21 before we were married.  His dream was to own a company and be a millionaire by the time he was 30.   Although I had a lot of knowledge from this experience, I didn’t know anything about design and manufacturing undergarments.  Quite honestly, I wasn’t sure I wanted to venture back into the competitive industry that was stressful and demanding on our relationship.  However, my inquisitive nature compelled me to look for an expert and I found a “Bra Maker” very close to town.  I contacted her, showed her my creation and she said “how did you think of this? This is 1,500 years in the making”.  She recommended I get a patent. 

Sparking The Fire

She helped me make my first proto type. As I watched her sew it and assemble it, the ideas began to flow.  What if this was more than a sleep garment?  What if I could wear it all day?  What if I could wear this instead of a Bra?  What if it could have attachments that make it interchangeable.  Something that could be customizable to support breasts while sleeping, healing, resting, exercising and even for everyday wear.  Most importantly, what if it was comfortable and gave breasts a rest and women a rest from bras.  It could be a bra alternative.

It sparked a fire inside of me that has been burning ever since.

I began researching products for breasts and bra alternatives, I didn’t find any that were like my idea.  But what I did find were the communities of women looking for solutions to their breast issues.  I admit, I got uncomfortable because I realized, I was disconnected to my own breasts and didn’t consider these issues existed even though I had them myself.  The BreastRest wasn’t only about wrinkles, it was about the health of our breasts and I had to bring this product into fruition to make up for the lack of love and attention that our breasts receive.

We feed the world with our breasts.

They are organs outside of our body.

They protect our heart and our lungs.

We store our emotions in our breasts.  The more I researched and built this product, I realized I never understood the value, purpose and necessity of good breast health and how that could happen.


There was this whole underground of women's health that I was tapping into and learning how to live with this great value all by wanting to prevent wrinkles.  Vanity was the channel to get to the bigger purpose.  Women only know bras. Bras that were invented by a man 100 plus years ago.


100 years is long enough. Time to move on, change and update with the times. The time for new technology and caring for yourself first is long overdue.

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