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Ladies that Need Comfort

Jody Harbour - Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Ladies that Need Comfort,

An amazing share from one of our BreastRest customers. Her journey with the product began like several others have in the past. Heather emailed me to express her frustration in learning how to assemble it. When we spoke Heather mentioned it seemed too snug and she wasn't sure it was the right size and the halter doesn't support her Full Cup Breasts. After a short phone conversation, Heather felt more supported in understanding how to fit and transition into a new way to support her breasts. Here is her message a day after speaking with her.

"Hey Jody, guess what. I've had it on all day & I can't imagine taking it off tonite, even though I know I'll have to, can't wear it 24/7 even though I want to. Still a challenge getting it on, can't seem to get the boobs out of the way to see the hooks but that will come with time. Thanks for thinking of all us ladies that need comfort, you sure did it. Love you"

My first time meeting Heather was the phone conversation with her to work through the new experience. For her to say she loved me in this message made me tear up! It reminded me that it is my mission to empower women to find another solution to the discomfort of the traditional bra and to experience comfort with support.

Things that are good for us usually take time to learn, for example eating well, exercise habits and other healthy routines. What about new technology? We will take days and even weeks learning how to use our new smart phones to personalize it. Why the resistance to something that makes us comfortable? I guess because all we have ever known is the BRA.

I continue to find solutions to helping women break through the initial experience of something new and thinking differently. I am confident the BreastRest will develop tools to get to the place where each customer understands the construction quite simply. Until then, I will continue to engage and meet my customers one at a time, creating relationships that will add to the depth of the BreastRests purpose.

Plan on seeing more from the BreastRest. Together with our customers, BreastRest will continue to evolve into the brand that women will trust to make themselves and their boobies comfortable.


Heart hugs to Heather!

Loving your breasts,


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