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Most Comfortable Bra

Jody Harbour - Monday, December 05, 2016

We are always on the look-out for the most comfortable bra.  Is it fair to say we can compare comfortable shoes to a comfortable bra?  To be honest, I am constantly looking for fun shoes that are comfortable, that is more important to me than finding a comfortable bra that looks good, let me explain.  Shoes are always visible and your feet walk you through life.  They can make or break an outfit.  Ever purchase what you think are the most comfortable and lets throw in sexy shoes ever for a special event only to wear them for an hour or so and you instantly become irritated because of the pain points they are triggering in your feet?  The shoes come off under the table and you have already anticipated this to happen so you replace them with the flats you have stored in your purse.    

But what about when you purchase that perfect comfortable, sexy bra for an occasion to wear with the perfect blouse or dress?  It can be great for the first few hours but similar things begin to happen as with your shoes.  You begin to pop out of the front and get bum boob or your breasts begin to sweat under and possibly between.  What about the underwire digging into your tissue under your armpit or the shoulder straps digging in?  What is acceptable to do?  Did you bring another in your purse?  Can you take it off without anyone noticing the change? 


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In my experience, the above is a common problem we could face with almost any clothing or accessories we purchase. There are millions even billions of different body shapes.  How many bras or shoes fit you perfectly?  And unless you have time to wear whatever you are purchasing long enough in the change room or the store to feel the effects it will have on your body, every time we take a chance.  So what are we willing to sacrifice?  As I age I realize comfort is not something I will forgo.  As women, we have adapted to the bra that was invented over 100 years ago they say by a man.  So when I constructed the BreastRest™, I had complete comfort in mind along with all of the discomforts of the traditional bra.  It’s nice to see people are finding us by searching for the most comfortable bra.  Watch what these men had to say when they chose to wear a bra for a week.  Do they even believe there could be a most comfortable bra?

Men Wearing Bras

“Lingerie is not about seducing men. It’s about embracing womenhood” Dita Von Teese

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