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Most Comfortable Bra for Large Breasts

Jody Harbour - Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I found it fascinating that a man wrote an article about the most comfortable bras for large breasts.  The article was called;

 “18 Gorgeous Bras for Big Busts”

“The Best Bras for D-Cup and UP” printed atop a beautiful picture of colorfully patterned bras stacked playfully to display the options.  Of course they are the best Bras.  Just looking at them compelled me to want to try them all on.  I actually felt sexy thinking about wearing those patterns and colours under a sheer blouse.  Then undressing for my husband and seeing his reaction to the frisky body language I would occupy.  The Bra gets dropped and as he caresses my body his hand skims over a delicate part of my body and I say “ouch that’s tender”, and he says “it’s really red there” and we carry on.  Oh how quickly I am brought back to the reality of our experiences with one of those “Gorgeous Bra’s”.  It serves it’s purpose short term, but as the article below states, “why would an article of clothing ever cut into your skin”.

“12 Things Guys Will Never Understand About Bras”

It always looks so beautiful hanging on the rack or on the model on the wall of the Boutique.  The lighting just right, the pretty rooms and aromatic atmosphere that puts us in the mood to feel playful, and sensual.  However, like buying a new pair of shoes, my feet walk me through life and I take my time picking them out.  So especially because I have F cup breasts, I spend extra time in the change room moving around and testing to see if any area of my body gets irritated shortly after putting it on.  If so, it doesn’t matter how cute the bra is, I don’t buy it.  OK, I’m lying.  If I need to wear it with a specific blouse or for a one-time event, I can totally pass off an uncomfortable bra.  But I won’t ever put up with uncomfortable shoes!  OK, I’m lying again.   

I believe every day we have the opportunity to look for things that make our lives easier, more comfortable more exciting.   We have experiences daily that offer us truth and the actions we take have an effect on us physically or mentally.  These show up as possibilities to change the way we think or to become aware of what our options are. When we decide which “Beautiful Bra” to put on, we should be conscious of what it is we are offering our body.  If you aren't familiar with the BreastRest™, I can tell you that I find it to be the most comfortable bra for my large breasts for several reasons and one of them being that my husband loves the natural look it inspires.

I realize in this moment how much I appreciate the effort of Charles Manning the above author of the post, for providing women with a list of possibilities for the most comfortable bras for large breasts.  My fascination in this moment seems to be on the psyche of men and how they truly contemplate women's breasts.  This blog has inspired an awareness that has motivated me to pursue future literature for pleasure.  But for now, I feel the desire to go buy a new spring “Beautiful Bra” with a matching thong.  Heck, I might as well throw a new pair of shoes in there too.

Jody Harbour is the inventor of the BreastRest™, a revolutionary product that designed to provide a more comfortable alternative to traditional bras.  The BreastRest™ provides superior comfort as well as health benefits for all women.  You can contact Jody at jody[at]thebreastrest[dot]com or visit

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