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No Underwire Bra

Jody Harbour - Tuesday, October 04, 2016
Is it possible, a no underwire bra? If there is no underwire is there is no support? Why the underwire and what does an underwire do? The underwire gives shape to the bra. It shapes the breast, contours to the body and adds lift. What else does it do? I enjoyed reading this blog by the Bra Doctor’s Blog, The Mystery of Underwire 

Yes there are bras designed as mentioned in the above article without an underwire. The author explains that a no underwire bra is equipped with a supportive elasticated band around the torso and has seams stitched internally to provide shape and support comparable to that of an underwire bra. There is a lot involved in designing bras and a great deal of factors to consider when constructing it to support breasts. What about the rest of the body while the breasts are being supported? 

The explanation of a bra is that it is an undergarment worn by women to support the breasts. Support is the main feature, but what else does a bra do while supporting the breasts? Does it encourage back support? I guess that depends on where the strap around the torso sits and will it creep up the back after wear. What about back fat? Even on the smallest women the straps for the back of a bra create back fat and extra bra over-hang. What about the shoulders? Does it relieve stress on the top of the shoulders or does it create more? Shouldn’t the support from the bottom prevent stress on the shoulders and if it does why do we get indents on the top of our shoulders. Shouldn’t the underwire or the supportive elastic around the torso keep the breasts from touching the skin below our breasts? If our breasts at all have skin on skin contact it promotes sweating, even skin irritations like rashes and yeast infections as well as skin tags that are caused by the friction of skin on skin contact. Even with an underwire, or a no underwire bra, skin on skin contact is inevitable.

All of the above are real issues that are attached to wearing a bra to support our breasts. But what if we thought about comfort first? What if instead of a no underwire bra there was a bra with a pillow? That’s right a detachable pillow that gives full support that is positioned under the breast to allow the breasts to rest. It doesn’t restrict or confine. It doesn’t contour against the body but allows for air flow and encourages circulation all while allowing the breasts to be lifted in a comfortable way. Because our breasts are soft tissue, its like the pillow becomes a part of the breast. It just makes sense. The BreastRest™ technology includes a tubular pillow to rest your breasts, I would say it’s a no underwire bra.
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