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The Dragons Den 2016

Jody Harbour - Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Right when I walked up to the producers at the table during the drop in Audition in February 2015 at the CBC station in Toronto, the two ladies recognized me.  “We remember you” they said, “whats been happening with your company”.

I didn’t plan for any of this, much like the first visit in 2008.  I was just following the flow of where to go and what next for excitement with no real plan of what I was to say.  It’s not like me to fabricate where my company is or what was happening with me so I “wung it” Jody style.  The women were surprised when I told them I didn’t have a lot in sales.  But that didn’t stop them from immediately inviting me to the second chance show.  Saying, “You were great last time”.

I never thought I was “great” back then nor did I think I was “good TV’, I just knew I had a great product. It was a comfortable bra for large breasts, a bra without underwire and a plus size nursing bra to name a few uses.  The purpose of the product, the BreastRest is exactly that, to rest your breasts and yourself, and I wanted the world to see it for what it had developed into.

I planned to have a party the evening of the premiere Jan 6, 2016, like I did when I had my first appearance on the Dragons Den in season 4.  It was a packed house, with 100 or so of my friends and family.  They all had no idea that I hadn’t received the deal.  It’s amazing how perception is.  They assumed because I was having a party I had “won”.  In fact, I really just wanted to have the support there for me when I watched the show for the first time.  I am really glad I did that.  No one allowed me to be anywhere but there and happy.

I wasn’t surprised at what CBC chose to expose.  Their editing in my option was the best they could get from what was filmed.  Now this is where I have to be conscious of what I say and how I say it.  You see, this product, the BreastRest has taken me on this pilgrimage, and has transformed me and how I think.  It has opened me up to connecting to spirit and following my heart to fulfill my dreams while connecting to my ancestry, my culture of First Nations and most importantly to myself.  I do not want to slander or say anything that may come across negative about the Dragons.  They were just being themselves and that is their journey not for me to judge.  Umm did everyone forget to tell me it was reality TV??

So before I went to the filming I invested in a coach, Jenna Smith, who prepared me to be the best Jody in front of the Dragons.  I was ready to be my true authentic self, vulnerable, open and full of love ready to share my product with the world.  The producers were super excited to have me there because in the past my passion for my product could possibly take over and I lose control and they were going to feed off of that at any expense.

Now is a good time for you to watch the video if you haven’t already, because this is where my interpretation comes in and I don’t want you to watch it with my influence.   –link-   You see, no matter how The Dragons perceived my product to be, or how I came across to them, my product and was not going to be explained or shown the way that would give it integrity.  I am very appreciative the producers showed very minimal of the BreastRest product which to me meant CBC knows the value of the BreastRest.

As I stated above, I was impressed with what the CBC producers came up with after the editing.  My experience with the Dragons was very menacing to many but abusive and offensive to me and the producers knew I could handle it.  Eight years ago, before my BreastRest journey, my defensive nature may have had me waiting back stage telling the producers off or even carrying on with the Dragon who continued to try and offend and upset me.  Now don’t get me wrong, I was pissed off for a couple of days while contemplating the outcome, but I had to sit with the experience and know it was for a greater cause all the while receiving hate mail that read they “wanted to choke me to shut me up”, and “you are the worst business women ever”.

There is that saying “energy flows where energy goes”.  After a couple of days of reflection and non-engagement of the hate mail, it all went away and what stepped in was the purpose of the whole event.  Although, I still really have no idea of why it turned out the way it did by exposing the lack of support the women Dragons didn’t offer knowing full well how it supports and inspires great health for women.  It regrettably revealed the lack of support women in our society have for one another.  The ego got in the way of the purpose and the purpose shifted from something healing to something that needs to be healed.

I am patiently waiting for the purpose of the show to still be divulged.  Until then, I will continue to sell the BreastRest as a plus size nursing bra, a bra for plus size women, a maternity sleep bra and even a post breast surgery bra.  I will continue to listen to the voices of the women who have feedback for the design and anything that will better the product because the purpose of the BreastRest is to empower, inspire and transform women to take better care of themselves.  Well heck, maybe the purpose was for me to see I don’t need the Dragons.  I just need women who need bras for plus size women and women who need the best bra for large breasts and women who just want the most comfortable bra.

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