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Why a BreastRest

Jody Harbour - Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The #1 comment our customers have had in common is....

"Why didn't I get a BreastRest earlier. It really is the most comfortable alternative".

When asked why they think or say this, the top 7 common responses have been,

1. Fear.
2. Cost.
3. Unsure.
4. Not enough information/content/video/descriptions.
5. Seems complicated.
6. Unfamiliar.
7. Overwhelming.

These are all legit answers.

So I will share my responses to the above and would like you to ask any question that you believe may be keeping you from purchasing a BreastRest.

1. "Fear" shows up in so many ways, especially when it comes to ourselves. Trying something new when we only know one thing is challenging for many. it took me, the inventor of BR some time to commit to wearing the BreastRest as my "Everyday Bra". Now I wear it 99% of the time.

2. "Cost" much like fear, it is easy to make an excuse for. Many find it difficult to spend money on themselves. If they don't know it, and haven't experienced it than do they really need it? 
Women have lived with the discomforts of the traditional bra for a long time. So why spend the money on it? IS comfortable and sexy no matter what size.

3. "Unsure" you don't know what you don't know. But what I do know is i wouldn't waist the time and effort in creating and designing a business selling something that doesn't work and isn't great quality.

4. "Not enough information available" Ok I admit it. I have sucked in the past at keeping up on social media and learning the back end of my wedsite for content etc. I just didn't have the time or finances to invest in this area of my business. Life happens and when it comes to my was happening full tilt. However, I am happy to say, approximately 500 plus new visitors make it to the BreastRest site organically. So why are they not buying....Be ready to watch for it we will figure this out together.

5 "Seems Complicated" of course it is, I invented something that makes complete sense when you become familiar with it. Hey! Pretty much, nothing in life that is good for us is easy and if i can do it, you can. J

6 "Unfamiliar" I guess all of the above can apply to being unfamiliar and once again, you don't know what you don't know. I love going to those unfamiliar places and creating new experiences.

7 "Overwhelming" I used to feel overwhelmed. I learned how to breathe properly,balanced and stay positive no matter what, now believe everything comes at the right time. I know it sounds crazy, but I am crazy, so it seems right!

There have been so many elements to the growth of the BreastRest Business and product since the beginning. However, there were more opportunities for my personal growth, my families well-being, as well as time to test market and learn more about the product and really how it benefits the women of the world.

Now I share this pledge to my existing customers and the ones to come.

"I promise to provide the best quality. I promise to always support the well-being of my customers. I promise to continue to ask my customers what they need from the BreastRest. Relationship building has always been a large percentage of the foundational beliefs of the company, so I vow to always have open communication between the customer and BreastRest. I promise to get my ass moving on the back end of the site and create more content videos and get information to you.

So lets get it started. please share your questions and comments that are keeping you from ordering your BreastRest and lets make your girls sexy comfortable.


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