Bras For Plus Size Women

The BreastRest™ is a cotton lycra Comfort Support System fully customizable to your body shape.   Plus size women have difficulty finding bras that are comfortable because of the size and heaviness of their breasts.  The BreastRest™ is a bra for plus size women designed with the plus size women's needs in mind.  Here are 6 design features of the BreastRest™ that make it the best alternative to traditional bras for plus size women;

  1. V-neck design – can be worn with many styles of clothing.
  2. Comfort shoulder straps – attachments and thickness of straps reduce stress on the shoulders and unsightly strap indents.
  3. No underwire – removable foam discreetly rests under the breasts providing lift and full support eliminating skin to skin contact promoting air flow and prohibiting moisture, skin conditions and skin tags.  It’s a pillow for your Boobs!
  4. The back portion – provides full back coverage while diminishing Back Fat

    bras for plus size women

  5. Belly band – firmly secures the BreastRest™ in place so you don’t have to continuously adjust, modify or stuff yourself back in all day long.
  6. Halter – attaches to the back component to gently cradle your breasts and encourage your breasts natural form which promotes your unique silhouette.
  7. V- Neck – Promotes full exposure while being completely supported.  Like being braless but with full, comfort and support.

BreastRests™ patented design forms around you and your breasts naturally, encouraging you to embrace your beautiful full figure, inspire transformation and may stimulate sensuality.  BreastRest™ is the best bra for plus size women providing unmatched comfort.  A pillow like support and no underwire just makes sense.

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