Comfortable Bra for Large Breasts

"We must, we must, we must increase our bust.  The bigger the better, the tighter the sweater the boys depend on us".  If you are not familiar with these lyrics, you need to Google "Judy Blume".  If you are familiar with "Are you there God, it's me Margaret", then you probably remember the day that you stuffed Kleenex into your top to make it look like you had breasts.  Or you remember the day you leaned on your desk at school and you noticed little bumps resting on the desk top.  Did you ever consider from that day on that your breasts were organs outside of your body? Or was it more about the tight sweaters to show them off or the baggy sweatshirts to conceal them?  Either way, you have made your way to this page looking for that comfortable bra for large breasts.  

It's inevitable that as women we get to that place in our lives and we begin to reflect on ourselves, the things we do in life and how those actions effect our health and wellness.  Congratulations, you are living a conscious life and are wanting to understand the value of healthy, comfortable breasts.  It's never to late to choose comfort.  You have landed here, where the BreastRest™ promises to provide unmatched support for large, voluptuous breasts.

The BreastRests™ patented design forms around you and your breasts naturally, encouraging you to embrace your beautiful full breasts.  It inspires transformation and may stimulate sensuality.  A pillow like removable support can be used for ultimate support while exercising or moderate cradling for resting or no foam at all, breasts being held gently in the halter. Here are 6 design features of the BreastRests™ that make it the most comfortable bra for large breasts;  most comfortable bra for large breasts

  1. V-neck design – can be worn with many styles of clothing promoting the sensation of being bra-less, but with full comfort and support.
  2. Comfort shoulder straps – attachments and thickness of straps reduce stress on the shoulders and unsightly strap indents.
  3. No underwire – removable foam discreetly rests under the breasts providing lift and full support eliminating skin to skin contact promoting air flow and prohibiting moisture, skin conditions and skin tags.  It’s a pillow for your boobs!
  4. The back portion – provides full back coverage while diminishing back fat.
  5. Belly band – Firmly secures the BreastRest™ in place so you don’t have to continuously adjust, modify or stuff yourself back in all day long.
  6. Halter – attaches to the back component to gently holding your breasts and encourage your breasts natural form which promotes your unique silhouette.

All of the above is included in the BreastRest™ system, the 24 hour bra alternative providing solutions to the discomfort of traditional bras.  Make yourself comfortable and support your new found freedom, treat yourself to the most comfortable bra for large breasts, you deserve it!

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