What You Need To Know About Breast Health...And More

  1. Your Breasts are organs OUTSIDE of our Body, all the more reason to care for them consciously.
  2. Your Breasts have the power to feed and nourish the babies of the world.  That’s Commanding!
  3. Your Breasts are where the seat of your emotions lye.  Connect with your emotions and learn techniques to release the negative ones.
  4. Studies shown that Vitamin D deficiency is linked to breast health challenges, be sure to know your Vitamin D levels and how to increase them safely and easily.
  5. Breast Massage is encouraged every day, so be sure to give yourself a breast massage when you remove your Bra or better yet, have your partner assist you to help release any stagnation caused by tight clothing. Dry Brushing is also a great technique.
  6. Rebound to encourage lymphatic Drainage by opening and closing Lymph ducts pumping lymph fluid to increase detoxification.  Inversions like head stands or hand stands allows the blood and lymph to flow toward your head where our lymphatic system drains at the base of the neck.
  7. Share this information with the women in your life.
  8. Men Love your Breasts no matter the shape and size.  Don’t let them love them more than you do.  They think it’s sexy when you confidently love your breasts.
  9. Own a super Sexy Bra and then Buy a Super Sexy Blouse that you can see the Bra through.
  10. Wear your BreastRest ™ after you wear that Super Sexy Bra, feel the difference both physically and mentally.
  11. Wake every morning and listen and feel your breathe move, and nothing else for 5 long breathe.  
  12. Before sleeping at night listen and feel your breath move, and nothing else for 5 long breathe.
  13. Always look for new information that encourages good health and wellness.

Change the way you care for your breasts

As women it’s vital we learn to respect ourselves and our bodies. Our breasts represent femininity, sexuality & maternal love, so how we nurture and care for them, can make a meaningful difference to our health and well-being.
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