Make Long Term Care/Elder Care Comfortable

Elder care, sometimes referred to as long-term care, includes a wide range of services that are provided over an extended period of time to people who need help to perform normal activities of daily living because of cognitive impairment or loss of muscular strength or control.Elder care can be provided at home, in the community, or in various types of facilities, including assisted living facilities and nursing homes.

A comfortable bra for long term care and the elderly.When your Elderly Family member needs help with personal hygiene, dressing, nursing care or supervision of some sort, the BreastRest™ could be a valuable asset to promote comfort and prevent common skin disorders.  These Skin disorders and symptoms under the breasts are generally caused by skin on skin contact for long periods of time producing sweat or just creating friction forming infections or sores.
Excessive sweating can trap moisture under the breast causing irritation and providing a place for yeast to develop on the skin and a rash to develop. There are several forms of breast rash.

A yeast infection under breasts often called intertrigo, it is the result of skin-on-skin contact where there is little or no opportunity for the area to dry. Because the area stays moist and warm, normal skin flora multiples and can cause irritation and rash.  The rash that has formed in skin folds under the breasts and when the breasts come into contact with the chest cavity, chafing occurs and can result in a rash that can get infected, causing the area to become raw.

Heat rash (or prickly heat) occurs when the sweat ducts become clogged and sweat can’t get to the surface. A rash develops due to inflammation. When the sweat glands are blocked, the area may get dry, itchy, and sore. Heat rash can have the appearance of red clusters of small tiny blisters or pimples that look like beads of sweat.

In these cases, wash the irritated area gently and dry thoroughly. Keep the affected area dry and clean. If the rash persists, speak with your physician as some rashes may require extra steps for the area to heal.

Preventing Breast Rash and Eliminating Under Breast Sweat – Wear a BreastRest™!

The key to reducing or eliminating breast sweat and breast rash is to keep the area clean and dry. Places where sweat cannot evaporate are the perfect place for bacteria to grow and a rash to develop. Wear comfortable clothing that allows skin to breathe.  BreastRest™ Promotes air flow under and around the breasts while wearing either the
V-neck attachment or the Halter design and even the Sleep Foams.   All attachments are included in the BreastRest™ system when ordering in February 2016.

BreastRest variations. 

Any change in our current pattern or lifestyle will require a little work, but you are well worth it!

Please keep in mind when purchasing the BreastRest™ for an Elderly Family Member, they will more than likely need assistance in assembly on their body because of the unfamiliar positions of the hook and eyes and the multiple components as well as the possible incapability to accomplish it themselves.  However, with this in mind, the BreastRest™ would fit the need of the Elderly’s lifestyle because of its design for long term wear without shifting or moving.

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