Make Sexy Comfortable


Definition of Sex-y    Pronounced   Seksé /

Adjective    Sexually appealing, attractive, exciting
Generally attractive or stimulating
Arousing or tending to arouse sexual desire or interest
Highly appealing or attractive

(comparative sexier, superlative sexiest)
(of a person) Having sexual appeal; suggestive of sex.
(of a thing or concept) interesting, attractive or appealing.

So what exactly is Sexy?  A feeling, emotion, perception, fact, state of mind, essence, an act, belief, sensation, opinion, attribute an energy?    

Where does sexy come from?  Does it come from the core essence of you?  Do we all have our sexual, sensual goddess like spirit inside us.  The more we become connected to ourselves, and love ourselves and our bodies, the more we exude the sexual energy in a natural healthy way that honours our feminine.  The love women were meant to radiate then happens naturally. 

The BreastRest™ encourages Sexiness by cradling and providing comfort and support that doesn’t encapsulate or restrict the breasts.  The freedom of our breasts while being completely supported comfortably without manipulation has been confirmed to promote a transformation for some women into a state of sexy confidence.  When a women exudes sexy confidence, her partner will find that state sexy.

The BreastRest is a bra alternative that makes sexy comfortable. 

One of the first things women do when they get home is take their bra off. Wearing the V-neck attachment is like being Braless but with full support. No sagging and no skin on skin contact to allow for sweating under the breasts!”


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