Make Wearing a Bra Comfortable

The Challenge

A common problem women face is that our two breasts aren't the same size. How are we supposed to find a bra that fits both? And a bra that fits one month may not fit as well the next because our breasts and body conditions are constantly changing. Some of us don't fit into any bras, so we simply don't wear one, which can cause back and neck pain. These are common issues that we face as women, yet there are no products or adequate solutions available on the market to help us deal with these varying conditions. I couldn't accept this as just a sad fact of life, so that's when my journey of self-care, love and discovery began. I needed to help.

The Solution

I embraced the challenge and made it a personal endeavor to create a solutions that would solve these issues. I worked closely with bra designers and manufacturer, to solve this ongoing problem. After 7 years, countless hours, multiple prototypes and much trial and error, we finally accomplished our goal and have developed a product that will revolutionize the way women care for their breasts. For daily use, night time comfort, pregnant and nursing mothers, the elderly, post-surgery recovery, BreastRest™ is a multifunctional garment system designed to help women overcome the typical hurdles we encounter with traditional bras.  The BreastRest™ offers solutions to the discomforts of conventional bras.  

BreastRest™ embraces changing breast and body conditions while providing a perfect fit

75-85% of Women Wear the Wrong Sized Bra

The primary function of a bra is to improve the comfort of the wearer by supporting and shaping her breasts, providing separation and distributing the weight around her torso.

The BreastRest is a bra alternative that is much more comfortable than bras with wires. 

Women’s breasts vary widely in size and shape; most are asymmetric to a degree and can change from month to month depending on the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, or weight gain or loss. Manufacturer’s standards and sizes vary widely, making it difficult for women to find a bra that fits correctly.

The BreastRest makes wearing a bra comfortable.



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