Maternity Nursing Bra

The BreastRest™ system is an excellent maternity nursing bra.  If you have just started breastfeeding or you are planning to, you are doing a positive thing for you and your baby.  Even though it’s nature’s food, breastfeeding doesn’t always come naturally at first.  Much like pregnancy, breastfeeding/nursing will be a new experience if for the first time or third time whether for you or your baby.  There are several issues that could come up with breast feeding that could cause discomfort.  For example, mastitis, engorged breasts, breast pain or even low milk supply.  However, during the experience of breastfeeding, regardless of the condition, the main purpose is to provide nourishment for your baby along with a clear state of mind for yourself.  A foremost factor in healthy breastfeeding is feeling physically comfortable, the BreastRest™ is a maternity nursing bra that provides this comfort.  Comfort physically encourages comfort mentally.

Maternity Nursing Bra A baby can take up a lot of your time, energy and emotion so be prepared to continuously fine-tune how you will restore your vitality.  Making yourself a priority is a great way to always be sure you are on the top of your list.  You are no good to anyone if you are no good yourself.  

The BreastRest's™ customizable design allows for it to change as you change.  It is considered a 24 hour comfort bra so it adjusts as you adjust.  Two foams for sleep wear, V-neck for full exposure, or the halter modesty cover if you still require nursing pads.  All attachments and designs will assist in the lifestyle of a breastfeeding mom and afterwards.  It is the ultimate maternity nursing bra.

Here are some tips for buying maternity nursing bras

  1. You should buy your first nursing bra 4-5 months into your pregnancy.
  2. Purchase a least 3 bras; one to wash, one to wear and one to have ready.
  3. Look for a bra that provides easy, one handed access with lots of support.
  4. The band should be adjustable because your rib cage will decrease in size after birth.
  5. A nursing Bra that fits comfortably will not cause skin conditions like chafing or pinching or ride up in the back or tension on the shoulders.
  6. Consider a bit of a larger cup size for room for a nursing pad.
  7. While nursing, your breasts are constantly changing as they fill and empty with milk make sure the bra has at least 5% lycra to allow for these fluctuations.
  8. A sleep bra is essential!  Sleep bras help reduce back pain and help maintain a natural lift both during and after pregnancy. 

The BreastRest's™ has been specifically designed to address all of the points listed above, making it the best maternity nursing bra you can get.

  • The BreastRest™ provides easy, one handed access with all the support you need.
  • The BreastRest™ is fully adjustable and includes 2 belly band sizes for more comfort and adjustability.
  • Our patented design is all about comfort and prevents skin on skin contact. 
  • The belly bands stop garment from shifting and the wide straps prevent stress on shoulders.
  • A nursing pad fits in nice and contoured to the BreastRest's™ doubled layered material designed for modesty.
  • The BreastRest™ is 93% cotton and 7% spandex fully machine washable and includes a garment bag for laundry.
  • Not only is the BreastRest™ a maternity nursing bra, it was actually first invented as a sleep bra. 

Being a mother is hard enough.  Treat yourself to the best maternity nursing bra, you and your baby deserve it! 

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