Reviews of The BreastRest™

”I wore it for almost a week, finally giving in that I needed to wash it. Honestly, I would be very uncomfortable had I not received it. Thank you for making such an awesome item.”  Renee ,Prince Edward Island 

“It’s a revelation.  Why people haven’t thought of this previously…It’s a whole new way of looking at the physics of your body”.  Wendy, Oakville
“I feel so natural when I am wearing it.  My husband thinks its sexy and I think it feels sexy”.  Nicole, Brampton.
“It’s not like my regular bra that is trying to make me into a shape I am not naturally, but it still gives me lift.  It feels like I don’t have anything on.”  Wendy, Hamilton
“The BreastRest conforms to my body as my body changes over the course of the month”.  Patti, Oakville
“Any age, any lifestyle, its uplifting for women and a good health and wellness product”.  Cheryl , Etobicoke
“The BreastRest goes beyond the conventional; it is extraordinary. I knew I had to think outside of the bra and develop something that would allow women to feel beautiful and comfortable all of the time, regardless of their body shape or breast size”  
Jody , Inventor, Oakville
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